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A Guide to Optimize Sleep, Boost Energy Levels and Live a Better Life

Struggling to sleep well on a regular bases can be extremely challenging, and wreck havoc on our bodies ability to function at a high level on a daily basis. 

More people than every before have reported that they are not getting the sleep they need and yet it is something that is seldom talked about.

Especially when the effects of a poor sleep pattern can be detrimental to our long term health.

7 Day Mind Balancing Plan is the simple program that assists people to maximize sleep, so they wake up refreshed and with enough energy to get everything done they want to each day, and enthusiastically. 

This program walks the reader through WHY we as a society are not getting the sleep we need and what can be done about it right now to experience our given right to a blissful sleep.  While at the same time unlocking the bodies ability to experience astonishing new degrees of clarity, awareness and energy without changing your routine.
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Naturally bring the Mind, Body and Soul into balance

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

The truth is that no one agrees on an exact figure when it comes to getting enough sleep. And not everyone has the same sleep requirements, which means our own sweet spot may differ from others.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society, “adults need 7 or more hours of sleep per night for the best health and wellbeing.”

Also, a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that adults who slept less than 7 hours of sleep daily had a higher chance of being overweight, sedentary and also put themselves at higher risk of developing chronic health conditions.
Furthermore, another study in 2004 done at the University of Pennsylvania discussed the effects of sleeplessness on four groups of people over a couple of weeks.

One group was made to sleep eight hours, another one was six hours, the next for hours, and the last one had no sleep at all.

They ran a series of cognitive tests on each of these groups to measure how sharp their mental abilities were. To no one’s surprise, they found that all groups who slept less than eight hours did poorly compared to the well-rested group.

Here’s the interesting thing, however: by the end of the two-week study, even the group sleeping six hours eventually did just as bad as those who weren’t sleeping at all.

So people who brag about getting away with just a few hours of sleep don’t realize they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

You might feel well-rested with that little sleep, but the results tell a different story.

Investing In a Better Sleep

Establishing a sleep routine that will allow a decent amount of shut-eye is essential to the long-term health of our body and mind.

For late-sleepers who have a hard time falling asleep, it might have to do with melatonin levels.

This is essentially a hormone that helps us sleep at night by making us feel tired. Also, some people’s melatonin doesn’t kick in right away, which makes it harder for them to conk out at night.

So whether you need seven, eight or nine hours of sleep, a sensible routine is non-negotiable.

Millions of years of evolution have programmed humans to operate on a CONSISTENT sleep schedule, and there’s just no way around this.

Sure, we can pull as many all-nighters as we want, but it leads to going down a path of poor productivity, shallow sleep, and miserable existence.

Although this may be a reality for millions of people right now, it’s not your fault

We live in a world where work, technology, and our busy lifestyles get in the way and hinder the ability to get the consistent sleep our bodies are designed for.

However, there is hope. And this is where mind balancing comes in.

What is Mind Balancing

Mind Balancing is a method that creates a NEW positive brain habit by balancing our sleep chemical Melatonin.

The human brain has billions of connections.

A whole slew of chemicals that are all linked together.

And often for a variety of reasons  our chemicals get out of sync. 

We end up boosting one thing at the expense of another. 

Basically our body overcompensates from raising one chemical like
Melatonin (the sleep chemical) by dropping another chemical…

Why do our chemicals become imbalanced?

Over time we have developed negative brain habits that have messed 
with our sleeping habits. 

Much of this is due to our stressful, busy lifestyle, modern technology, medications, 
diet or something else that sends your body into chemical chaos!

This is the reason why millions of people all over the world are not getting 
the sleep they desire and need for a fully functional mind and body.

The Mind Balancing method can help nurture a peaceful environment for sleeping and is essential to the minds ability to shut off and drop down into a deep soothing slumber.

When we do this, we set ourselves up for the day and increase the likelihood of waking up each morning with motivation, energy, and vigor. 

In turn, this can make it easier for our brains to get the recharging level of sleep required to function at an optimal level.  Improving our memory, focus, clarity, and help us be more productive.

A person who has a definite positive sleep pattern is more likely to be healthy and experience more happiness and success.

Anyone can sleep well… It’s how Mother Nature designed us. 

For those who are ready to get their sleep back on track, I invite you to join me on a journey to a whole new life of opportunity, happiness, prosperity, and FREEDOM.
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6 Essential Benefits of Mind Balancing

Improved Sleep Habits
Balancing the sleep chemical melatonin ensures good quality sleep – Switching off your mind before bed, falling asleep quickly, not waking during the night and waking up refreshed in the morning.
Boosted Energy
The wrong kind of sleep can wreak mayhem with our internal clocks. We wake up feeling groggy and find it difficult to function. When our body gets the sleep it needs, we have more energy to carry us through the day.
Greater Focus and Memory
One of the more common symptoms of a lack of proper sleep is our minds tend to get distracted and have trouble concentrating. Mind Balancing assists in improving the minds ability to focus, stay alert, be creative and more efficient.
Increased Productivity and Motivation
Balancing melatonin allows the brain to function at optimum levels. This can lead to increased productivity and motivation and ultimately more reward and success.
Optimal Health
Quality Sleep is crucial for physical and mental health. People who sleep consistently well tend to experience better health both physically and mentally.
Improved mood
Sleeping well plays a huge role in how we feel. A Quality sleep boosts our mood and ensures we experience greater happiness.

What is in the 7 Day Mind Balancing Package?

The 7 Day Mind Balancing Program is a Personal Development package that walks the reader step by step how to get the quality sleep the body and mind need to kick-start every area of life.

It includes a 180 page of essential and engaging information about how to get a healthy well-rounded life. It assists people to enjoy a better quality of sleep, improved health, increased energy and vitality, happier relationships, a more in-depth focus, higher productivity, and ultimately greater success.
It also comes with the 14 Day 'Double Your Energy' Challenge workbook that will allow the reader to keep track of all valuable milestones and successes they experience as they progress through the program.

PLUS: Get THREE super bonuses which each have a specific focus.
Automated Virtual Energy Doctor Quiz
This Quick and Fun quiz is a great way to boost energy, reduce stress, and amp up feelings of happiness which radiate through the body and is personalized based on responses given to the questions.
Dream Life Manifestation
Internationally known manifestation expert and author of Manifestation Miracle Heather Mathews reveals her SEVEN steps to creating the best life possible. These STEPS are crucial to increase the chances of attracting the abundant life desired.
The 15 Best Essential Oils for Healing Book
Follow this incredibly powerful system to create abundant energy using mind, body, and spirit. Find out how to build new happiness, create nutritionally and mind de-cluttering habits all In under 15 minutes a day.

Features inside 7 Day Mind Balancing

Before Bed Breathing Methods
Learn how to use breathing patterns to fall into a deep, restful sleep without frustration or struggle. And wake up feeling rested, fresh and alert.
Brain Switch Off
It is hard to stop our minds from over thinking and worrying when we are trying to sleep. Chemical balance is essential in being able to switch off and drop down quickly into a restful sleep.
Sleep Through The Night
Constantly waking up during the night wreaks havoc with our internal clock. It is mighty frustrating. Mind Balancing is a great way to drop down into a deeper more rejuvenating sleep.
Morning Energy Boost
Having energy in the morning is essential to get the best out of the day while feeling great. Find out the best ways to power up each morning and stay bubbling with energy all day.
Afternoon Wake Up Call
Many people suffer through a mid-afternoon energy slump especially early in the working week. Learn how to revitalize both body and mind by stimulating the chemical in the brain that controls sleepiness.
Boost Your Brain Power
Brain fog may be caused by a variety of factors, including anxiety, depression and a lack of sleep. It hinders our ability to focus, learn, and use our memory effectively. Find out how to boost your brainpower, sharpen your mind and keep focused.
Relaxation Audio Tracks
With life getting busier and busier winding down before bed can be a constant challenge. Inside 7 Day Mind balancing are 10 Audio relaxation tracks designed to help the body and mind unwind.
Healthy Diet Support
Our diet can affect our bodies in a variety of ways. Science has shown that many foods can be detrimental to our sleep patterns. And many of these foods are surprising!. Find out what foods to avoid to combat sleep issues and what foods work best to get quality sleep.
Aging Health
As we get older many of us are plagued with aches, pains, and tiredness. Find out the best way to deal with these problems as we age and inject a youthful exuberance and vitality.

The 7-Day Mind Balancing Package

Digital Package

Online Access Only
  • The 7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Manual PDF
  • 14 Day 'Double Your Energy' Challenge Workbook PDF
  • The Virtual Energy Doctor Quiz and Personalized Report
  • The Dream Life Manifestation Guide PDF
  • The 15 Essential Oils for Healing PDF
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Digital & Physical Package (Everything!)

Physical Version + Online Access
  • The 7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Manual PDF & Book
  • 14 Day 'Double Your Energy' Challenge PDF & Workbook
  • The Virtual Energy Doctor Quiz and Personalized Report
  • The Dream Life Manifestation Guide PDF & Book
  • The 15 Essential Oils for Healing PDF & Book
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Physical Package

DVDs + Printed Books
  • The 7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Book
  • 14 Day 'Double Your Energy' Challenge Workbook
  • The Dream Life Manifestation Guidebook
  • The 15 Essential Oils for Healing Book
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Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel completely confident getting your copy of The 7-Day Mind Balancing today, which is why my program is backed by a comprehensive 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

Simply place your order, download the course and all of the included bonuses, and test out my tailored 7-Day Mind Balancing techniques.

And if at ANY time during the next 60 days you don’t feel 100% happy with your purchase, simply send me a quick email at support@7daymindbalancing.com, and I’ll refund right away. No questions asked. It really is that simple.

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The 7-Day Mind Balancing Package

Digital Package

Online Access Only
  • The 7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Manual PDF
  • 14 Day 'Double Your Energy' Challenge Workbook PDF
  • The Virtual Energy Doctor Quiz and Personalized Report
  • The Dream Life Manifestation Guide PDF
  • The 15 Essential Oils for Healing PDF
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Digital & Physical Package (Everything!)

Physical Version + Online Access
  • The 7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Manual PDF & Book
  • 14 Day 'Double Your Energy' Challenge PDF & Workbook
  • The Virtual Energy Doctor Quiz and Personalized Report
  • The Dream Life Manifestation Guide PDF & Book
  • The 15 Essential Oils for Healing PDF & Book
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Physical Package

DVDs + Printed Books
  • The 7 Day Mind Balancing Plan Book
  • 14 Day 'Double Your Energy' Challenge Workbook
  • The Dream Life Manifestation Guidebook
  • The 15 Essential Oils for Healing Book
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Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I see results?
Some people see (and feel) results almost instantly, but it really depends on your individual needs and how fast the methods mentioned in the program are applied. Most members have reported that they have seen significant positive changes within weeks of application. Therefore the faster they are put to work, the faster the results.
Does your program cater specifically to me?
YES, the program was designed based on human sleep patterns with techniques, tips and methods which have been used for thousands of years. It is about retraining the brains sleep habits. Age is no barrier, whether you`re 21 or 71 it is never too early, or too late to improve your sleep.
When will I get the Program?
You’ll get the entire program in just five minutes from now. In fact, It could be sooner depending on your internet connection.

All you have to do is click the Buy Now button above and you will be guided through the 100% secure checkout process… Then review your order and pay via Pay Pal, credit card, or even debit card...

And receive instant access to 7 Day Mind Balancing, including ALL of the FREE super bonuses… All ready to download to a phone, laptop, or tablet to access wherever and whenever. How easy is that?
What format is the program and will it work on a phone?
The main program is in PDF and mp4 format which means it can be download to a phone, tablet or computer, or any other device to easily access it instantly.
What is your refund policy?
If you decide that the program is not for you within 60 days, then we'll refund every penny, no questions asked. For physical orders, all returns should be sent to 7-Day Mind Balancing c/o Vervante Returns, 400 North Geneva Road, STE C, Lindon, UT 84042.
How much is shipping & handling?
Shipping & Handling costs are: $15 for all US orders, $25 for Canada, and $25 (minimum) for international orders.
What if I have extra questions?
No problem. It would be great to hear from you. I would love to help you personally if you have any extra questions. Special contact details are provided on the download page to get in touch with me directly anytime.

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